April 7, 2020 Strong CA

Leaping through Lockdown

Although it is hard to imagine right now, this time will pass.
It’s important you make the most of it so you can be prepared for the future.

Following the 3 steps below will help give you clarity, purpose, and better outcomes when we are on the other side of this and dealing with a new normal.

  1. Budget – make/update your budget both in life and your business.
  2. Spring Clean – do this both in life and your business. It is never a pleasant job but always makes you feel good. Get rid of the clutter, put stuff in a ‘to throw out’ box or if tidying up computer files create an ‘archive’ folder. Think of this like you are pruning a plant: when you cut back a plant, it grows back better.
  3. Plan – write down your plan/strategy together. Look at systems/processes, possibilities for new learning and training. What are the opportunities going forward and how can you prepare?
Like a gardener, do work now that will bring future benefits: Look at what you need to water, fertilize and mulch now, in order to generate growth and better outcomes in the future.

Helpful Resources

There is a whole host of information out there.
Check out our list below to get you started.

Covid-19 Wage Subsidy – information on the subsidy if you are yet to apply.
Business Finance Guarantee – applications now open
Xero Business Continuity Hub – a great resource to tap into. Xero also recently had their education month where they ran many free webinars.
Business.govt.nz – this is always a good place to start with lots of useful info when it comes to business.
Tax Traders – you can register yourself or we can do this for you. Tip: Have a read of this article: What is tax pooling? if you are unsure of this topic.
EnableMe – are running free financial resilience webinars.

Some additional resources to have a play with:
Trello | Canva | Zoom


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