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Payday Filing

As you may have heard from your payroll providers from 1st April 2019 it will become compulsory for all employers to file their payroll information every payday.

This change has been implemented so that payroll information is collected more regularly which will help IRD offer increased certainty about employees’ tax obligations and entitlements (ie. working for families benefits, child support etc).

You can choose one of three ways to file online:

  • Direct from your payroll software
  • Upload the file to myIR
  • On-screen in myIR

This process will be made easier if you use payroll software as this will allow your payroll information (incl. salary, wages, PAYE and other deductions) to be automatically sent through to IRD at the same time as you pay your employees.

For our Xero users, payday filing will be available in late March. For more information on how this will be integrated in Xero Payroll, take a look at the Xero website here.

From 1st April 2019 employers must:

  • File employment information every payday instead of the employer monthly schedule
  • Provide new and departing employees’ information (addresses and their date of birth if provided)
  • File electronically if annual PAYE/ESCT is $50,000 or more

Note; With payday filing, you will continue to pay your employer deductions (paye, kiwisaver etc) on the 20th of the following month.

If you are a paper filer…

You won’t be able to shift to payday filing until April 1st 2019 unless you switch to electronic filing. If you file by paper, you will need to file your information within 10 working days after the:

  • Payday, or
  • 15th and end of the month if you choose to send information to IRD twice a month.


Register for a myIR account here.
Consider using payroll software.

There is a new software option allowing you to securely submit your employer information directly to IRD from the software.

Opt in to payday filing through your myIR account.

Some handy walk-through videos from IRD:


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